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Foot Care On Diabetic Patient

Diabetic patient should undergo regular foot care applications.False foot care might cause serious results with diabetic patients.

- Wash your feet with plenty of warm water and soap. Dry them crumbling softly, not hard.
- Apply moistening cream all over the foot; do not apply cream, moistening cream to finger interiors. - Change your socks daily.
- Never wear shoes without socks. Your socks should not be mended or with stitches. 
- Never use rubber band or garter to prevent your socks from falling down.
- Wear different shoes every day.
- Prefer orthopaedic shoes with soft leather in which your feet can move freely.
- Do not wear flip flops.
- Do not walk barefoot,especially on hot surfaces (on sand, in sauna, etc.) 
- Do not wear newly bought shoes more than one hour. 
- Do not wear tight clothes that might prevent blood flow to lower leg area.
- Do not sit with cross-legs.
- If your finger interiors rub against one another, place support in between.
- Cut your nails neatly and in the oval shape. Care not to cut your nails deep or in a way to go into the corners. 
- Keep your feet away from much cold and hot (stove, warm water bags, etc.) 
- If you feel cold, about the feet wear two socks rather than using hot sources. 
- Never try to treat your feet callus or thickening skin yourself without consulting your physician. 
- If you feel tingling about your feet, do not forget that you can overcome that with walking.
- You can apply a little baby oil for your dried feet. Apply the baby oil after you completely dry your feet after bath. Do not apply oil or cream to finger interiors, apply powder only.
- Check your feet daily. Use mirror or get assistance from a next of kin in checking your feet bottoms. 

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